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Wypróbuj tarcze 3M do cięcia i szlifu w obniżonych cenach!

Zachęcamy Państwa do wypróbowania tarcz do cięcia i szlifowania firmy 3M w obniżonej cenie. 

Poniżej lista produktów objętych dodatkowym rabatem w wysokości 5%


DC272920984 3M Standard tarcza do ciecia INOX 41 125x1,0mm PN68011
DC272921016 3M Standard tarcza do ciecia METAL 125x1,0mm PN68009
DC272921024 3M Standard tarcza do ciecia INOX 41 115x1,0mm PN68010
DC272922048 3M Standard tarcza do ciecia METAL 41 115x1,6mm PN60829
DC272922055 3M Standard tarcza do ciecia METAL 41 125x1,6mm PN60830
DC272922063 3M Standard tarcza do ciecia INOX 46 115mmx1,6mm PN60831
DC272922071 3M Standard tarcza do ciecia INOX 46 125mmx1,6mm PN60832
DC272930009 3M Standard tarcza do ciecia METAL 46 115mm x 1mm PN68008
XA009102287 3M TARCZA 41 KAMIEN 115x1,6mm  PN65519
XA009102303 3M FLEX 42 METAL 115x2,5mm     PN65520
XA009102311 3M TARCZA 41 METAL 115x2,5mm   PN65521
XA009102329 3M TARCZA 41 METAL 115x3,2mm   PN65522
XA009102337 3M FLEX 42 METAL 115x3,2mm     PN65523
XA009102345 3M TARCZA 41 KAMIEN 115x3,2mm  PN65524
XA009102352 3M FLEX 42 KAMIEN 115x3,2mm    PN65525
XA009102360 3M SZLIF 27 METAL 115x6,0mm    PN65516
XA009102378 3M SZLIF 27 KAMIEN 115x6,0mm   PN65517
XA009102386 3M SZLIF 27 METAL 115x8,0mm    PN65518
XA009102436 3M TARCZA 41 KAMIEN 125x1,6mm  PN65529
XA009102451 3M TARCZA 41 METAL 125x2,0mm PN65526
XA009102469 3M FLEX 42 METAL 125x2,5mm     PN65530
XA009102477 3M TARCZA 41 METAL 125x2,5mm   PN65531
XA009102485 3M TARCZA 41 METAL 125x3,2mm   PN65532
XA009102493 3M FLEX 42 METAL 125x3,2mm     PN65533
XA009102501 3M TARCZA 41 KAMIEN 125x3,2mm  PN65534
XA009102519 3M FLEX 42 KAMIEN 125x3,2mm    PN65535
XA009102527 3M SZLIF 27 METAL 125x6,0mm    PN65527
XA009102535 3M SZLIF 27 METAL 125x6,8mm    PN65536
XA009102543 3M SZLIF 27 KAMIEN 125x6,8mm   PN65537
XA009102550 3M SZLIF 27 METAL 125x8,0mm    PN65528
XA009102568 3M TARCZA 41 METAL 150x2,0mm   PN65538
XA009102576 3M TARCZA 41 METAL 150x1,6mm   PN65539
XA009102584 3M SZLIF 27 METAL 150x6,8mm    PN65540
XA009102592 3M SZLIF 27 METAL 180x8,0mm    PN65541
XA009102600 3M SZLIF 27 METAL 180x6,8mm    PN65548
XA009102618 3M TARCZA 41 METAL 180x1,6mm   PN65542
XA009102626 3M TARCZA 41 METAL 180x2,5mm   PN65543
XA009102634 3M TARCZA 41 METAL 180x3,2mm   PN65544
XA009102642 3M TARCZA 41 KAMIEN 180x3,2mm  PN65546
XA009102659 3M FLEX 42 METAL 180x3,2mm     PN65545
XA009102667 3M FLEX 42 KAMIEN 180x3,2mm    PN65547
XA009102675 3M SZLIF 27 METAL 230x8,0mm    PN65549
XA009102683 3M SZLIF 27 METAL 230x6,8mm    PN65555
XA009102691 3M SZLIF 27 KAMIEN 230x6,8mm   PN65556
XA009102725 3M FLEX 42 METAL 230x2,5mm     PN65550
XA009102733 3M FLEX 42 METAL 230x3,2mm PN655525552
XA009102741 3M FLEX 42 KAMIEN 230x3,2mm    PN65554
XA009102758 3M TARCZA 41 METAL 230x3,2mm   PN65551
XA009102766 3M TARCZA 41 KAMIEN 230x3,2mm  PN65553
XA009102774 3M TARCZA 41 METAL 300x3,2mm   PN65557
XA009102782 3M TARCZA 41 KAMIEN 300x3,2mm  PN65558
XA009102790 3M TARCZA 41 KAMIEN 350x4,0mm PN65559
XA009102808 3M TARCZA 41 METAL 350x3,5mm   PN65560
XA009102816 3M TARCZA 41 METAL 400x4,0mm   PN65561
XA009102824 3M TARCZA 41 KAMIEN 400x4,0mm  PN65562
XC004807043 3M TARCZA 41 INOX 230x2,5mm    PN62921
XC004807233 3M Standard tarcza do ciecia INOX 230mm x 2mm 46
XC004807241 3M TARCZA 41 METAL 230x2,0mm   PN62923
XC004807993 3M FLEX 42 INOX 125x3,2mm      PN64335
XC004811862 3M Standard tarcza do szlif INOX T27 125x6,8x22,23 PN63984
XC004811896 3M SZLIF 27 INOX 230x6,8mm     PN63986


Added: 14.03.2016

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Holiday Break - May 1st to 6th.

Dear Customers,  Please note that our company is closed from May 1st to 6th.  Please consider this information when planning orders and deliveries. We'll be available for you on Monday May 7th. 
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Official Distribution of 3M abrasive products

We are pleased to inform that on May 1st, 2015 we became Official Distributor of 3M products in the field of Abrasives (ASD) and Industrial Tapes and Adhesives (IATD). 
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