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STARCKE - German producer of abrasive paper and cloth with almost 200 years tradition and international range. One of the major abrasive suppliers in the market, also known under the brand names ERSTA and MATADOR.
Starcke corporate history begins with trade in iron and wood products as well as household commodities, which was eventually replaced by the manufacture of cleaning agents, detergents, and matches. Towards the end of the 19th century, the production range was extended by emery paper and sanding cloths. In the years to follow, these articles gained in significance as industrialization progressed. Today, they are referred to in the industry as coated abrasives and are classified as high-quality tools.
Starcke offers professional expertise and diversified product range together with guarantee of the highest standard brought by production facility for coated abrasives which is ranked among the most sophisticated operations of its kind world-wide. Products are marketed world-wide through subsidiaries and various other distribution channels.
Starcke is FEPA (Federation of European Producers of Abrasives)  oSa (Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives) member. For over 20 years we are general representative of Starcke company in Poland and use their coated abrasives as raw material. 

More on www.starcke.de


3M is undisputed leader with international range offering solutions for industry. 3M is a brand powered by innovations, constant developments and highest quality. Founded more than 110 years ago, operating in 65 countries, with 89,800 employees globally.
We work as official distributor of 3M products from ASD (Abrasive System Division) and IADT (Industrial Adhesive and Tapes Division). Appreciating our experience in the field of abrasive tools production, 3M entrusted us role of official converter.

Best known 3M innovations in abrasive products division are, among others:

  • TrizactTM - structured innovative material with the micro- and macro-replicated coatings of precisely positioned structures on the backing. Continual exposure of fresh mineral ensures a consistent, even wear. Patented technology allows the abrasive surface lasts several times longer than conventional coated abrasives, leading to a range of cost-saving benefits.
  • CubitronTM II - revolutionary precision-shaped ceramic grain technology, engineered with ultra-sharp, fast cutting points that wear evenly, run cool and optimize mineral breakdown to maximize disc life.
  • EXL Scotch-BriteTM - new generation material for deburring, polishing and finishing of metal, ensures even wear and quality. Offer as different tools, for example discs and wheels. Perfect for edge grinding and difficult to reach areas.
  • Radial Bristle Brushes BB-ZB - Ceramic Abrasive Grain and molded, flexible bristles provides unique possibilities of removing, finishing and polishing. Multiple application for grinding of jewelry, casts and wood.

More on www.3m.com


FLEXIPADS World Class Limited - leading British company offering high quality accessories for abrasive and polishing tools, as well as polishing liquids, foams and articles for detailing. Complete range of premium quality products with different parameters depending of type of work allow to satisfy even the most demanding customer.
As the authorized representative in Poland, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine we offer, among others:

  • orbital sander pads
  • angle grinder pads
  • dual action pads
  • velcro pads
  • hand held sanding holders
  • drum holders.

Moro on www.flexipads.com


PRECITOOL - brand known on European market for few decades. From the beginning focus on end-users needs, keeping in mind sentence THINK GLOBAL - ACT LOCAL. Complex offer, professional advice, fast service and trust for local Partners are main reasons of success. You will find almost 50 000 most popular tools and 400 producers in the catalogue.

More on www.precitool-ost.eu


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